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Don't risk buying a battery from China. We sell next generation (LiNMC) Lithium Manganese battery packs made by AllCell Technologies in Chicago, IL USA.
These battery packs will work in any 48 volt or 36 volt direct current (DC) electric bicycles/EV's. Perfect for electric bikes, restoring older ebikes, conversion kits, electric pedicabs, etrikes, electric recumbent bikes, scooters, and other light electric vehicles.
AllCell lithium battery packs are hand built and tested for quality by American engineers at AllCell. The battery packs are half the weight of heavier Lifepo4 battery packs coming from China.
*A 110/220v 2.5/3.0 amp battery charger is included with your order. 
Maximum discharge current 20A continuous 
Maximum discharge spike 25A for < 2 seconds 
Specific Energy: 152 Wh/kg 
Average Lifecycle of the pack: >85% capacity after 1000 cycles. 
Cell Type: 18650 2.4Ah
Maximum charge current: 10 A 
Operating temperature range: “0 – 45°C
NO memory effect
2C Rating
Estimated 700-2000 charges (depending on type of use)
Multiple packs with the same voltage can be wired in series or parallel
40 Amp BMS inside the pack balances and protects the cells
Integrated Thermal Management
Charger compatible with 110/220v outlet.

12.9 Lbs

1 Year Warranty on battery pack


• Cell Balancing
• High Temperature Cutoff
• Overcurrent Cutoff
• Overcharge Protection
• Overdischarge Protection
• Short Circuit Protection


AllCell batteries are protected by proprietary Phase Change Material (PCM). The PCM absorbs waste heat ensuring uniform pack temperature, and has passed the UL 94 flammability test with V-0 rating. The result is industry leading safety with extended cycle life.


*Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.


48 volt 23 Ah Lithium Manganese battery with charger

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