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  • Where are you Pedicabs manufactured?
    Our Pedicabs are manufactured in China by the same company that built the first prototype pedicab for Cycle Maximus.
  • How are your Pedicabs Shipped?
    We shipout Pedicbas by truck 99% already assembled. Rates vary by region, time of year, weather and fuel prices. We use a broker that finds us the best rates possible.
  • How fast do your pedicabs go with Electric assist?
    Our pedicabs can travel at up to speeds of 12 MPH depending on terrain and iinclines. Electric assist is meant to help the operator make pedaling easier, not as the sole means of moving the pedicab around. The more you use the Electric assist the quicker you will drain the battery.
  • What type of battery is included with the Electric Assist Pedicabs?
    The Rear Drive electric assist Pedicabs battery is a sealed lead acid battery with 4 12 volt celts wired in series to creat a 48 volt battery rated at 22 amp hours. batteries will typically last 5 - 8 hours on one charge. They weigh about 60 lbs total. The Front Drive electric assist Pedicabs come with a 48 volt 20ah Lithium ion battery and charger.
  • Why should I upgrade to a lithium battery?
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  • Is the canopy and canopy cover included?
    Yes all our Pedicabs come with a remivable canopy and cover at no additional charge.
  • Is any assembly required?
    No additional assembly require with the exception of the canopy and canopy cover. We ship all pedicabs fully assembleled and just require minor seat and handle bar adjustments to fit you and your riding preference.
  • How long does it take to get a pedicab?
    It usually takes 45 - 60 days for your pedicab to arrive. Once we get it we make sure everything has be properly tightened down and works as it should before send it out. Also if custom upgrades are ordered it can add a week or 2 to delivery time line.
  • Is financing available?
    Yes The best financing available We have partnered with Direct Capital and Easy Pay Finance, direct lenders, who deliver simple, fast and cost effective financing options for our customers. With their help, we can get you the equipment you need to drive growth and revenue for your business. Why finance your purchase? Convenient monthly payments Low rates, flexible terms - up to 72 months Keep your assets off your balance sheet Save your cash reserves for other business needs For business financing just click Direct Capital or Quick Spark For personal financing just click Easy Pay Finance
  • Dont see your question above?
    Give me a call and I will be happy to answer your questions on the phone or via face time if you have an IPhone. You can call me anytime. If i dont happen to answer leave me a message and send me a text and I will get right back with you. Sometimes im deeply involved in daddy duties like changing a diaper or giving my little princess a bath. 602-469-3954
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